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State Homes : A Ray of Hope For Women: HP

The Government of Himachal Pradesh has a noble scheme for widows, destitute women/ women in moral danger by providing them shelter in State Homes.


  • To provide shelter, food clothing, education, training etc. to young widows and destitute women in moral danger and their children upto the age of 6 years.
  • To enable them to have good living and become useful citizen of the society.  


Women in moral danger, unattached women and orphan girls in the state.


  • Young widow including deserted wives whose husband have severed all connection with them and who have not caring son or an other male relatives  to support them.
  • Unattended girls/women who are in moral danger in whose favour the court has passed orders to lodge them in the State Home.
  • Hard Case:- The cases which are not covered by the above category, but in the opinion of the Director WCD H.P. deserved admission.


  • Food, Clothing.
  • Education and Training.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Regular medical check ups.

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