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Bio Energy Programme: Uttarakhand

Family Size Biogas Plants MNRE is providing a subsidy on family size biogas plants under National Biogas Manure Management Programme (NBMMP). Biogas Plants capacity ranging 1, 2-4 Cu-m capacity is to be installed under this programme. CFA @ 50% of plant cost maximum Rs. 4000/- for 1 Cu-m plant and    ...

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Small Hydro Program in Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, about 63.10% of the population lives in rural areas and most of them belong below the poverty line. Geographical conditions of the state differ at a short distance. Most of the area is hilly and forest coverage is about 66%. It is not possible to laid grid lines ...

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Climate Change: The Indian Story

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Has India finally woken up to its climate concerns?  The recent signing of MoU between US and India on energy security, climate change, and clean energy does convince that India is committed to contribute positively in limiting the global temperature rise to agreed 2 degree by 2050. India, however seems ...

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