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Telangana Govt. Launches Dalit Bandhu Scheme for the benefit of People

The Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandrashekar Rao currently launched a welfare scheme under its flagship known as Dalit Bandhu for the Dalits of Telangana. The direct and tangible objective of the scheme is to ensure the economic upliftment of the Dalit communities in the state. The scheme was rolled out by the CM in the Huzurabag constituency and implemented in a phased manner across the state. Since the Dalit community in the state is both economically and socially backward, this scheme is touted as a game-changer for the Dalit community (poor, retired person, rich, government employees). Around 1200 crores have been allocated for the scheme.  Through the scheme, the beneficiaries will not only be given monetary assistance but will also be aided with financial literacy by the district collectors so that they conduct business or any form of enterprise without any difficulty.

Highlight of the scheme:

  1. The scheme aims to promote Dalit entrepreneurship
  2. Cash assistance of 10 lakhs will be provided to each Dalit family in the state to start their business
  3. An important aspect of the scheme is that it is not a loan and hence the beneficiaries won’t have to repay it to the bank.
  4. The scheme will be rolled out in a phased manner depending on the experience of implementation of the scheme.
  5. Funds will be allocated on a priority basis. In other words, the income of the beneficiaries will be an indicator for the allocation of funds. First, the Dalits who fall in the income category of BPL will be given the benefit. And in the fourth stage or the last stage funds will be given to Dalits who are economically well off.
  6. A detailed survey will be carried out by the State so that eligible beneficiaries could be identified
  7. The fund will be looked after by the district collector jointly with a committee of beneficiaries.
  8. The money will be transferred to the beneficiaries bank a/c  by DBT
  9. An identity card with an electronic chip will be issued to the beneficiaries so that the progress of the scheme could be monitored by the government.


  1. Applicant should be a permanent resident of Telangana
  2. Beneficiaries should belong to the Dalit community

Where to apply?

Applicants can apply for the scheme online on the state website of Telangana. However, the link for applying online has not been opened yet.  People can also apply offline at their district offices, wherein the list of beneficiaries will be announced by the Gram Sabha /Gram Panchyat. However, applications in both modes will be operational in the coming weeks.

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