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SafaiMitra: Empowering a Clean India with Innovative Waste Management Technology

India’s unwavering commitment to cleanliness and sanitation has become a shining example for the world, thanks to initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Mission, passionately driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Joining hands in the pursuit of a cleaner India, a team of visionary entrepreneurs based in Noida has unveiled an ingenious solution – SafaiMitra. This cutting-edge waste collection management software offers a holistic approach, managing the entire waste lifecycle from generation to disposal. Developed by Dvertex Info System, SafaiMitra is revolutionizing waste management practices, enabling informed decision-making, boosting efficiency, and reducing costs throughout the value chain.

The founder of Dvertex Info System, Ms. Parul Shukla said, “Our product, SafaiMitra, primarily helps waste management companies to monitor their Door-to-Door Waste Collection, Payment Collection, Transportation and Logistics Management along with monitoring the material recovery facility and the treatment plant”.

Ms. Parul Shukla, The founder of Dvertex Info System

SafaiMitra helps to make informed decisions in handling, recycling, and disposal of waste. The solution leads to increased efficiency in the entire value chain thereby reducing the expenditure. At present the solution is being used widely by many Indian PPP partners in different states, namely those working with Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, Gorakhpur, Prayagraj, Rudrapura, and several othercustomers. Not only in India, SafaiMitra is being receiving interest from African and South East Asian countries. Waste management companies in Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cambodia etc are already using this solution.

Dvertex has recently signed MoUs with a couple of prominent technology solutions consulting companies for expending its business in Middle East and South East Asian countries.

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