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Tourism dept finalizes 5 projects under Swadesh Darshan scheme

Tourism department has finalized five projects under Swadesh Darshan scheme of the Central government. These include setting up of a light and sound show at Fatehpur Sikri, upgradation of the existing light and show facility at Agra Fort, conservation and upgradation of Bateshwar religious circuit, installation of musical fountain at Shah Jahan garden. Renovation of Paliwal park at a cost Rs 10 crore is also part of the scheme.“Shah Jahah garden is located exactly between two world heritage sites Agra Fort and Taj Mahal. Taj is visited by more than 10 million tourists every year while Agra Fort receives 50% of this number. To increase visitors at Agra Fort, tourism department is developing a walkway through this garden between the two monuments. Also, a multi-level parking is being constructed at Taj’s West Gate Road from where the visitors will be able to walk through Shah Jahan garden to reach Taj as well as Agra Fort. The proposed musical fountain will become an additional attraction for the tourists visiting the two monuments,” said deputy director of tourism Dinesh Kumar. Around Rs 1.2 crore will be spent on this project.As far as the light and sound shows at Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Forts are concerned, the official said that being world heritage sites, such shows will not only provide information about these monuments but also entertain the tourists who come from various parts of the world. Such shows will also educate students visiting these heritage sites daily, he added. The tourism department has allocated Rs 20 crore each for these facilities.

At Paliwal park, Rs 10 crore will be spent on construction of main exhibition gate, landscaping work and development of park, restoration and upgradation of the existing lake, constructing rainwater harvesting system, and improving dustbins, benches and signage facilities.

The UP tourism department has planned to develop Bateshwar, located 80 km from Agra and famous for its 101 Shiva temples built on the banks of river Yamuna, at a cost of Rs 23.23 crore. Around Rs 16.6 crore will be spent on the restoration of ghats alone while the rest will be spent on laying red sandstone on the ghat platforms, building a boundary wall around the temple and installing CCTV cameras and solar street lights.

Source: Times Of India

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