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UP Govt’s one-time settlement scheme for power consumers

The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL) has recently decided to revamp the one-time settlement (OTS) scheme for consumers residing in rural and urban areas.  The OTS scheme is a flagship program of UPPCL. This scheme is primarily a mode of encouraging clearance of electricity dues for the people of UP. So, if anybody has not been able to pay their electricity bills on the due date, then through this scheme they can pay in installments.

“Under the scheme, if the consumer pays the entire principal amount, then he or she will get 100% waiver in delay payment charges. If the consumer wants to pay the principal amount in installments, then the waiver on delay payment will vary from 20% to 80%, based on the total installment, he or she opts for,” Cabral explained

OTS scheme was announced by UPPCL at the end of February for all consumers of UP. A 100% waiver of interest on their electricity dues, only if they have cleared the principal amount at one go by 31st March 2021. Due to Covid 19 crisis people have lost their jobs and facing losses in their businesses. So, to provide financial respite to power consumers who could not clear their dues due to Covid-19, the UPCCL has decided to cover consumers who consume electricity less than 5 KVA load.  The proposal of this latest addition to the scheme is still a work in progress. And the state government intends to implement it by September end of 2021.

  1. The registration process for the scheme will be open for only 15 days, failing which consumers won’t be able to avail of the scheme.
  2. Consumers who have filed litigation in court against the UPPCL can also apply for the scheme. For that, an affidavit has to be filed by the concerned parties regarding their withdrawal of the complaint, only after their grievances have been met by the UPPCL


  1. 100% rebate on interest levied on electricity dues
  2. Under this scheme -at the time of registration applicant will have to pay only 30% principal amount of the bill (excluding interest) and the rest of the current bill in one time or pay in installments for 6 months
  3. Middle-class consumers (rural & urban areas) with consumption of less than 5KVA load can also apply for this scheme.
  4. To avoid any discrepancy the registration process is completely taking place through online mode.
  5. Through the scheme, the beneficiaries can pay their dues in installments, within 6 months.
  6. For people in rural areas registration camp will be held in CSC offices where SDOs and executive engineers will guide the applicant in the registration process.
  1. The applicant should be a native resident of the state.
  2. Applicant should be able to pay a registration amount between Rs 1000 (having 1-2KVA load connection) to Rs 2000 (having5 KVA connection) for the scheme.
Where to apply?

To apply for the scheme online visit the site you can apply through the registration camps held in CSC camps.


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