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West Bengal: Renovation/Up-gradation Of Existing Fish Seed Hatcheries In Government Sector

Many hatcheries were established under public sector for seed production and most of the Government hatcheries became defunct due to many reasons, including non-availability of funds for regular maintenance towards renovation/ development. Therefore, to improve the amenities in these hatcheries for production of seed, NFDB has come up with novel scheme to support the Government for renovation/ up-gradation of hatcheries.


  • Fish seed hatcheries aged 5 years and above.
  • Past performance of the hatchery, fry production capacity, technical feasibility and economic viability for its renovation
  • Assurance for budget provision towards the balance funds required for this purpose and working capital costs for subsequent operations
  • Positioning sufficient manpower to manage the hatchery


The Unit cost towards repairs and first year input costs shall be Rs.4.0 lakh/unit with production capacity of 7 – 8 million fry per year. Quasi government organizations/Research institutes would be provided with 90% of the unit cost as one time grant.

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