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e-SANTA: bringing happiness in the Aquaculture industry

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry inaugurated an electronic platform known as e-SANTA. With the aim to connect aqua farmers and buyers, the portal works as an electronic marketplace. Although coined for the web portal, e-SANTA refers to Electronic Solution for Augmenting NaCSA farmers’ Trade-in Aquaculture.

What is NaCSA?

NaCSA stands for National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture. In particular, it is an extension arm of the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Not only it is working towards sustainable aquaculture but also uplifting the livelihood and income of shrimp farmers. Established in the year 2007, NaCSA mainly functions as the prime mover of the extension activities among Aquaculture farmers.

Read more about NaCSA here.

Objectives and Benefits of e-SANTA:

  • Firstly, e-SANTA is enabling the farmers to get a better price and the exporters to directly purchase quality products from the farmers enhancing traceability.
  • Secondly, raising the income, lifestyle, self-reliance, quality levels, and provide new options for our aqua farmers.
  • Thirdly, bringing a revolution in the traditional way of carrying out business from a word of mouth basis to become more formalized & legally binding.
  • Subsequently changing and digitalizing aquafarming by providing cashless, contactless, and paperless electronic trade platforms between farmers and exporters.
  • Furthermore, the platform is designed in a way that all the locals can use and derive benefits from it. For example- the Platform is available in many languages keeping in mind the needs of the local population.

Significance of e-SANTA:

  • Risk reduction due to greater control with the farmers and buyers.
  • Increased awareness of Products & Markets because the platform enables the international visibility of the product.
  • Increase in income due to reduction in unnecessary expenses. Namely: Marketing, Advertising, Middlemen, etc.
  • By providing help and assistance to the stakeholders in the sector, the Government of India is also shielding them against the wrong practices.
  • With digitalization, there is increased ease of processes.

Altogether, e-SANTA intends to provide a digital bridge to end the market divide and will act as an alternative marketing tool between farmers & buyers by eliminating middlemen.

To visit the official website of e-SANTA by the GOI click here

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