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Sanjeevani Scheme: Goa

The Scheme envisages for providing financial support to the Organizations to run Homes for Senior Citizens with boarding facilities and to provide basic amenities to Senior Citizens. This Scheme is implemented by Directorate of Social Welfare.


The objective of the Scheme is to provide financial support to Organizations to run Homes for Senior Citizens in order to promote shelter and maintenance at a common place and to provide healthy, hygienic and better living.


Eligibility criteria for assistance will be as follows:

  • Any registered Voluntary Organization (VO)/Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) engaged in the promotion of welfare of Senior Citizens. The time being in force for at least three years prior to date of making an application under the Scheme.
  • Institution or organization set up by Government as autonomous body.
  • Experience of at least five years in the promotion of welfare of Senior Citizens.
  • Aptitude and experience in welfare work pertaining to Senior Citizens.
  • Financial viability of the organization to contribute its share, and ability to continue the work for limited periods in case of delay of assistance from the Government.
  • Good reputation and credentials.
  • Capability to mobilize community.
  • Networking with other institutions for optimum utilization of resources allocated and assets created.


  • The grants-in-aid for project for running home the Senior Citizens is prescribed for minimum 25 Senior Citizens to provide food, shelter, care, recreation facilities, etc., free of cost.
  • If the home for Senior Citizen is larger in size (say for 100 or 75 or 50 Senior Citizens), the grant-in-aid for maintenance of such home for Senior Citizen will be sanctioned on proportionate basis.
  • To allow flexibility in utilization of funds the organization shall be allowed to incur the expenditure on the following heads with the condition that at least 25% of the expenditure is borne by the organization/institution/establishment.

Assistance will be provided as follows:

Recurring Expenditure

Per Annum

Staff Honorarium  


Rs. 60,000

Midwife / nurse

Rs. 60,000


Rs. 36,000
Helper / sweeper

Rs. 24,000

Building (Rent / Maintenance)

Rs. 60,000

Health Care  


Rs. 1,50,000

Doctor (Visiting)

Rs. 18,000

Rs. 18,000

Clothing, oil, soap etc

Rs. 18,000

Recreation (Includes Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Outings, Religious and cultural Programmes, Games like caroms, chess, cards etc.

Rs. 25,000

Miscellaneous and unforeseen (electricity, water, telephone etc.)

Rs. 24,000

Non Recurring Items (Furniture, Utensils, Television, etc.)

Rs. 1,00,000

Total Assistance of Rs. 5,93,000 if provided in the first year.

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