1st time in 10 yrs, irrigation tenders get quotes lower than estimated


  • The state water resources department, notorious for awarding irrigation contracts at hugely inflated rates to select contractors, wants to shed its scam-tainted image.
  • The irrigation contractors have started quoting rates below the official estimate.
  • Another 17 contracts were given at par, while 21 works were quoted above the estimate.
  • “Previously, contracts were fixed and the work estimate itself used to be inflated. Now realistic estimates are prepared by the department,” said the official.
  • One of the biggest decisions by the department was to scrap pre-qualification of tender process, which removed the minister’s power to sanction work orders.
  • Over the years, there was major manipulation and corruption, and the system was fixed to help contractors with political connections or those willing to bribe.
  • New rules stipulate that contractors will be allowed to submit bids. The lowest bidder’s experience and capability to carry out the work will be checked only after tenders are opened.

Source: TOI

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