Army Mountain Strike Corps to be armed with Steep Dive BrahMos


  • Indian Army’s new Mountain Strike Corps will be equipped with a regiment of the BrahMos cruise missile that is capable of engaging and destroying targets hidden behind mountains.
  • The ‘steep dive’ variant of the 290-km BrahMos missile was validated in test-firings conducted on May 8 and 9 in the Andaman Islands and has very sharp maneuver capability to hit the target at 90-degree angles or to attack ‘right over the head’ or ‘from the top.
  • “Networked with sensors, including satellites, this terrain hugging missile can be guided through very sharp maneuvers at supersonic speed touching upto Mach-3 (three times the speed of sound) to hit targets cradled between Himalayan peaks up to 290 km away,” the official said.
  • With its 90-degree angle-of-attack capability, this is also being projected as an aircraft carrier killer, with an obvious application for the Indian Navy.

Source: DefenceNews

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