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Bal Bhawan

Bal Bhawan is initiated by Government of India to bring out the hidden talents in a child by exposing them to various activities in an atmosphere free from the formalities of the formal school education. Many children feel the bound when they are in school therefore Bal Bhawan is initiated for every student  to participate. It will make children more efficient and successful in their life. The aim of Bal Bhavan is to reach out not only to the urban areas but also to the rural sector through various creative and performing activities.


To bring out hidden talent of children by exposing to various curricular activities.


  • Age of 5 years to 16 year can participate at available 25 Bal Bhavans in the State.


  • To bring out hidden talent of student.
  • No bondage of formal school education.
  • Beneficiary to urban and rural students.

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