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Be a Part in R&D of Water Technology

Providing safe drinking water at affordable cost and in adequate quantity using appropriate Science and Technology interventions evolved through indigenous efforts. Since quality is the main consideration of safe drinking water, processes which imply nano-material and filtration technologies have been focused.


  • Capacity building of research professionals and water managers.
  • Evolve methodology for development of customised solutions suited to social context.
  • Develop synergies with line departments at Central/ State level for last mile connectivity of the research findings.
  • Evolve S&T based sustainable models with industry and recommend appropriate policy inputs.
  • Conduct techno- economic-social analysis of technologies and their suitability in specific context.
  • Support Impact assessment Studies/ development of Research Packages/ Technology.


  • National and Global R&D institutions.
  • State Governments.
  • Enthusiastic network of individuals/ institutions.


  • Sustainable water treatment.

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