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Bonded labor scheme may come under the central gov

The central government is planning to rehabilitate the bonded labor scheme and increasing the financial assistance from previously Rs. 20000 to now Rs. 1 lakh. The budget for this scheme has been also increased from Rs. 5 Cr to Rs. 47 Cr per annum. Ministry of State Labour and Employment will be the responsible agency to carry out this task.

For the most deprived and marginalized persons such as disabled, female and children rescued from trafficking and transgender the assistance is up to Rs. 3 lakh. A normal bonded labor will get Rs.1 lakh.

According to the ministry, the money will remain in annuity account, controlled by the District Magistrate and beneficiary will get a monthly income for a comfortable living. The funds will be released after the DM’s confirmation.

The new features of this scheme will also address the problem of other forms of bonded labor such as organized begging ring, forced prostitution and child labor. The ministry has made a simple strategy to implement this scheme: At least Rs.10 lakh will be available with the DM/Collector which will be used as a stop gap arrangement before reimbursement by Central Gov through the DBT system. The DM is also empowered to provide non-cash benefits such as land, house, ration and other state welfare programs.

Source: Business Standard

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