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Breeding and Rearing of Livestock Rearing Scheme: Goa

In Goa, Animals are to be bred using Jersey semen. The local cattle owners find it very difficult to stall-feed their unproductive indigenous cattle. This leads to the animals roaming in the streets looking for grazing patches or feeding from the dustbins as scavenger cows. Deaths in these cows are reported due to consumption of plastic bags over a period of time, which is total loss to the farmer and the State.

The promotion of dairy husbandry through crossbreeding of low productive local cattle is therefore to be given priority as most of the villagers own a few cattle. This programme will ensure techno-economic viability and prosperity to the small farmers. Research and technology transfer are needed in areas of genetic improvement, reproductive efficiency and nutrition and health care, all these areas are equally important to improve the overall quantity and quality of milk production. The key features of this scheme are as follows:

The main Objectives of the scheme are as follows:

  • To encourage the cross breeding of cows and buffaloes.
  • To encourage rearing of cross-bred calves & improved buffalo calves from birth to 27 months.
  • To encourage and uplift the S.C and S.T. community.
  • To improve & sustain the productivity of cattle & buffalo through use of Artificial Insemination practices.
  • To assist the farmer financially in stall feeding the local animals & rearing of the cross-bred calves & improved buffalo calves purchased along with the Kamdhenu animals.
  • To indirectly reduce the menace of stray cattle.


  • All farmers availing the Artificial Insemination facility for cattle and buffalo and registered with the local Government Veterinary Services.
  • All farmers availing the Artificial Insemination facility for cattle and buffalo and registered with the local Government Veterinary Services.
  • All farmers irrespective of their financial status.
  • All the farmers having cross-bred female calves and improved buffalo female calves either born out of A.I. or from existing cows

The scheme consists three phases.

  • The first phase deals with the Artificial Insemination of the cows and buffaloes.
    • The farmer should intimate the local Veterinary Centre whenever the animal shows heat symptoms. On insemination the farmer is given a incentive of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) per A.I. for 1st A.I. and Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred only) for 2nd A.I., which will be directly deposited in his bank account on submission of records by the Veterinary Officer/Assistant Director of the area in form no. I, and on submission of advance receipt from the farmer.
  • The second phase is the confirmation of pregnancy and feeding incentive.
    • On confirmation of pregnancy, the Farmer is entitled for incentive from the 4th month onward on feed, fodder & miscellaneous expenditure amounting Rs.2,000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only) per month, on submission of monthly progress report in Form III by area V.O/A.D.


  • The third phase deals with rearing of the calf from birth to 27 months.
    • On birth of a female cross-bred calf or improved buffalo female calf, to local cow or local buffalo, an amount of Rs. 4,000/- will be given as incentive to cover the farmers initial financial expenditure on receipt of intimation of birth of female calf in Form no.IV from the farmer through the area officer.

Here below is chart showing anticipated expenditure and subsidy component:

Age of Calf

Anticipated expenditure

Subsidy component

1 – 3 months

7,500/- 3,750/-
4 – 6 months 3,500/-


7 – 9 months

4,500/- 2,250/-
10 – 12 months 4,500/-


13 – 15 months 6,400/-


16 – 18 months

6,400/- 3,200/-
19 – 21 months 6,400/-


22 – 24 months

6,400/- 3,200/-
25 – 27 months 7,200/-


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