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UP Sugarcane Competition: Sugarcane Development Department of UP

Government of Uttar Pradesh organises a competition so as to increase the interest of local farmers in cultivation of sugarcane. Also by this competition the farmers come to know about the latest information on the sugar cane farming. This increases the healthy competition spirit among the farmers and hence increases the overall productivity in sugarcane farming. The competition is held every year to obtain exact results of the practice of sugarcane farming. The key features of this competition are explained as follows:

Types of Competition:

  1. Zonal Sugarcane Competition (One in area of each Sugar Mill).
  2. Range Sugarcane Competition (Under Regional/Joint/Assistant Sugarcane Officer Working Area)

On each level the competition will be of 3 types:

  1. General Plant Plan
  2. Fast Ripening Plant Plan
  3. Ratoon (a new shoot or sprout springing from the base of a crop plant, especially sugar cane, after cropping)


  • Ratoons will be eligible only for the first ratoons which sown by the row, ring or pit sowing method.
  • Only those species will be eligible for the competition of that particular range/state, which will be decided by the Sugarcane Secretary of that area.
  • Any farmer having that particular species of sugarcane and is contributing to the sugarcane supply by the means of sugarcane community can participate.
  • Minimum dimensions should be:

Area 0.2 hectare, Length and Breadth Should not be less than 22 metres.

  • Interested participants should apply by the predefined application forms to the sugarcane development department.


                5 Awards for each category.

Competition Level

General Plant Plan


Fast Ripening Plant Plan




Second Third First Second Third First Second




500 300 1000 500 300 1000 500


Range 5000 3000 2000 5000 3000 2000 5000 3000


State 10000 7000 5000 10000 7000 5000 10000 7000




  1. For Zonal: 25 Rs. Per Participant
  2. For Range: 50 Rs. Per Participant
  3. For State: 100 Rs. Per Participant.

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