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Scholarship to Students seeking Education in Art & Culture: Goa

The Government of Goa has designed this scheme in order to provide scholarships to Goan students seeking education in any field of Art & Culture outside Goa.


  • To encourage and give opportunity to the young talents in the State to excel their talent to reach the highest possible standard/merit under the guidance of a renowned teacher/artist outside the State.
  • To give financial support to the students seeking to get basic or advance education/training in any field of Art and Culture by way of scholarships.


Any student who intend to seek advanced education in any field of Art and Culture like music, dance, theatre, fine art, folk art, photography etc. (fields of visual and performing art), outside Goa or outside India shall be eligible under this scheme. Other eligibility criteria is enlisted below:

  • The student should have outlined knowledge about the art form in which the education is desired.
  • The applicant should be born in Goa and residing in Goa for substantial period or at least for the last fifteen years to the date of application.
  • No individual above the age of 35 years shall be eligible under this scheme. And the scholarships shall be given to the students up to 35 years of age.
  • One student per family shall be eligible under this scheme per financial year.
  • The student receiving grant/scholarship from any other Government or non-Government bodies, shall be eligible provided the total amount raised from different sources is less than the actual cost of the education.
  • The student applying for scholarship to seek education in the field of Art & Culture shall be eligible under this scheme provided the annual family income of the applicant does not cross the limit fixed by the Government from time to time.
  • The student shall undergo training on full time or part time basis as the case may be, but 75 % attendance for the total course period or for one-year period of the course (whichever is less) failing which the scholarship amount shall be recovered.
  • The number of scholarships to be given shall depend upon the availability of funds for every financial year.
  • The students shall mention the amount of contribution/capital put by them for the particular course.
  • The amount shall be recovered from the student if the course is not completed.
  • The student can apply for scholarship for maximum 5 years (initially for 3 years and upon review if showing progress can be extended for 2 years). Also a review report of the student shall be taken every six months.
  • The student shall be bound to present performance as and when asked by the Directorate of Art and Culture


Under this scheme an individual student shall be given scholarship to acquire basic or advanced education in any field of Art and Culture like music, dance, theatre, fine arts, folk arts, photography etc. (field of visual & performing art at State, National and International level depending upon the eligibility of the applicant):

  • Scholarship of up to 1,20,000/- for acquiring education outside Goa
  • Scholarship of up to Rs. 3,00,000/- for acquiring education outside India or the actual cost of the education (whichever is less).

Valid till: 31st March 2021

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