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CBSE directs schools to install solar panels in their premises to meet their power needs

Solar Energy is being harvested through solar panels and is now used in most of the government offices and commercial premises as a step towards use of clean energy for protecting the environment. The schools/educational institutions consume a lot of electricity for their daily functioning which is presently sourced from non-renewable sources which are the major sources of environmental pollution. The schools are also installing heavy duty generators which run on diesel towards power backup during load shedding which aggravates air pollution in cities.

The Government, in order to promote the use of clean energy, has initiated National Solar Mission to control air pollution and to discourage the use of fossil fuels for energy needs.

Therefore, CBSE affiliated schools consistent with the National Policy initiative may also install solar panels in their premises at places like roof top/ vacant unused area of campus etc. to, meet their power needs and as power backup. Use of solar energy in schools will inter alia have multiple benefits;

i. Help in reducing the air pollution
ii. Create awareness among the students about the use of renewable sources of energy.
iii. Lower the monthly electricity bill.
iv. Generate funds by selling excess power to the State grids as per Government policy.

The use of Solar energy in schools will not only contribute to environmental sustainability and promote the habit of energy conservation among school children, but the cost savings will also contribute to the financial stability of schools in the years ahead. The Affiliated schools of the Board are therefore advised to take measures for maximum utilization and promotion of Solar Energy in schools.

Anupam Nanda, District Manager, Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA), said the CBSE directions would prove to be beneficial and all educational institutions must get these solar panels installed. “The PEDA is the nodal agency in the state for this purpose. As the government gives subsidy for getting solar panels installed through the agency, it is high time for educational institutions to get these solar panels installed,” he said. He said solar power was the future anyway, so earlier it was adopted by the masses, the better it was.

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