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China: the unmatched copier of the world

Whatever product you buy anywhere around the world, one thing you will find commonly written on them –Made in China. The world’s second largest economy has made their own version of every product, from iPhone to the US stealth fighter planes. What other countries such as the US and Japan create something new after decades of research and investment, Chinese do it in months simply by learning the art of replication or copying. China even has fake version of every famous landmark around the world. Recently, Tech Insider published an article on this subject. Check out in pictures the great art of copying!

  1. A 354 feet replica of famous Eiffel Tower in Tianducheng reminds Chinese people of Parisian architecture without actually going there.

2. An imitated architecture of Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House is located in Chinese capital of Beijing.


3. China has not deprived Russia by imitating Moscow’s Kremlin.

4. Florence-inspired village of Italy located in Tianjin may remind people living in their own renaissance period


5. Chinese have not spared also the London’s Tower Bridge by copying this British pride in Suzhou.



6.  Château de Maisons-Laffitte in Beijing – this hotel misses no detail of original masterpiece of French architecture.

PC: Patrick Okens

This is not an exclusive list and China has a fake version of many other famous buildings too, such as the Taj Mahal in India and US White House.

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