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Coal Tipper Attachment Scheme for Widows and Disabled ESM

This scheme is under Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Govt. of India. This welfare scheme for widows/disabled soldiers is linked with the ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Scheme.


To provide income to Unemployed retired Ex-servicemen.


The eligibility conditions for Widows / Dependants / ESMs who can take part in Tipper Attachment Scheme are as follows:-

  • Widows (below 65 years of age) and disabled / medically boarded out service personnel in whose case the disability is more than 50% and is attributable to military service.
  • Orphan children of Ex-servicemen represented by legal guardians and meeting the condition of being un-employed and under 25 years for boys; un-employed and unmarried in case of girls.


  • Eligible candidates can avail this Scheme for a period of five years and need to deposit an amount of Rs 85,000/- with the affiliated ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Company which pays back a monthly amount of Rs 3,000/ i.e. an annual return of approximately 42 % on the principal amount.
  • On maturity of the Scheme the Principal Amount is refunded.
  • A legal agreement is signed between the Ex-Servicemen Coal Loading and Transportation Company and the widow/disabled Ex-Servicemen/Dependant. The scheme is for a period of five years and on completion of five year term the principle amount will be refunded by the ESM Coal Company.

How to apply:

Desirous widows of defence service personnel, dependants of deceased serving personnel and disabled Ex-servicemen should apply to the Director (Self-Employment) on the prescribed form. The document to be submitted are as follows:-

  • Copy of Death Certificate / Disability Certificate)
  • Affidavit (on Rs. 10/- Non-judicial stamp paper) for giving an undertaking regarding various issues of eligibility duly attested by notary as per format.
  • Copy of ESM / Widow/Dependent Identity Card.
  • Copy of Pension Payment Order.
  • Proof of death / disability attributable to military service.
  • Proof of dependency in case of dependants.

The format of application to be submitted can be downloaded from DGR forms download window of the DGR website 

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