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Cold storage scheme of NHB

This is one of the sub-scheme under National Horticulture Board (NHB). Credit linked projects relating to Cold Storages including Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and their modernization are eligible for assistance under this component. Subsidy need not be credit linked for the institutions like Public Sector Units, Panchayats, cooperatives, registered societies/trust and public limited companies provided they can meet remaining share of the project cost out of their own resources. Such projects will have to be appraised by appraising agency approved by NHB.

Pattern of Assistance: – 
The assistance will be given as subsidy @ 35% of the capital cost of project in general areas and 50% in case of NE, Hilly & Scheduled Areas for a storage capacity above 5000 MT up to 10000 MT.
Calculation of Capacity for subsidy:- 
For calculation of capacity, 3.4 cubic meters (cum.) (120 cubic feet (cft.) of chamber volume shall be considered equivalent to 1 MT storage capacity

S. No. Description Cost Norms
1 Cold storage units Type 1 – basic mezzanine structure with large chamber (of > 250 MT) type with single temperature zone. • @ Rs. 8000/ MT for capacity upto 5000 MT.
• @ Rs. 7600/ MT for capacity between 5001 to 6500 MT.
• @ Rs. 7200/MT for capacity between 6501 to 8000 MT.
• @ Rs. 6800/MT for capacity between 8001 to 10000 MT.
2 Cold storage units Type 2 – Pre Engineering Building (PEB) Type for multiple temperature and product use , more than 6 chambers of <250 MT) and basic material handling equipment • @ Rs.10000/ MT for capacity upto 5000 MT.
• @ Rs. 9500/ MT for capacity between 5001 to 6500 MT.
• @ Rs. 9000/MT for capacity between 6501 to 8000 MT.
• @ Rs. 8500/MT for capacity between 8001 to 10000 MT.
3 Cold Storage Units Type 2 with add on technology for Controlled Atmosphere Additional Rs. 10,000/MT for add on components of controlled atmosphere technology as per component wise cost (Appendix- 1-D)
4 Technology induction and modernization of cold-chain • @ Rs. 5000/MT, for capacity between 5001 to 10000 MT.
• Components of modernization includes PLC equipment,packaging lines, dock levelers, advanced graders, alternate technologies, stacking system, modernization of insulation and refrigeration etc. Details are in Appendix-1-D.

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