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Commercial Horticulture Scheme

This is one of the sub-scheme under National Horticulture Board (NHB). Credit linked projects relating to establishment of commercial production units in open field as well as under protected conditions and projects on Post harvest Management and primary processing of products are eligible for assistance under this scheme. However, release of Subsidy need not be credit linked in North Eastern States and for the institutions like Public Sector Units, Panchayats, cooperatives, registered societies/trust and public limited companies provided they can meet remaining share of the project cost out of their own resources. Such projects will have to be appraised by appraising agency approved by NHB.

Who can apply for Assistance – 
A natural person, a group of individuals or a legal person (Partnership Firm, a Trust, Cooperative Society, a Society registered under Registration of Society Act, a company, self-help group, Farmer Producers Organization, Co-operative Marketing Federations, Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees, Marketing Boards/Committees, Municipal Corporations/ Committees, Agro-Industries Corporations may apply for assistance

Where to Apply – 
Application form has to be submitted as under:

  1. To respective State Office of NHB – up to the project cost of Rs 50.00 lakh
  2. To NHB, HO, Gurgaon where the project cost is above Rs 50.00 lakh

However, in case of refer van/specialized transport vehicle, all the proposals shall be submitted to Head Office.

Components and Pattern Assistance:

S. No. Components Discription Assistance
1 Commercial Horticulture Development in open field conditions on project mode Integrated commercial horticulture development projects covering area over 2.00 ha. (5 Acres).

Integrated production unit on Mushroom and tissue culture shall also be eligible for assistance under this component.

The components like farm machinery and PHM infrastructure, irrigation and micro irrigation etc shall be eligible for assistance in existing/new orchards/projects to increase productivity.


Credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 40% of the total project cost limited to Rs 30.00 lakh per project in general areas and @ 50% of project cost limited to Rs. 37.50 lakh in NE Region, Hilly and Scheduled areas
2 Commercial Horticulture Development in protected cover on project mode commercial horticulture development projects having area over 2500 sq meter.

Activities like construction of green houses, shade net house, plastic mulching, and plastic tunnel, anti bird /hail nets etc would be promoted. Provision has been made for selecting a variety of construction material for green houses and shade nets houses.

Preference will be given to using locally available material to minimize cost of construction of such structures.


Credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 50% of the total project cost limited to Rs 56.00 lakh per project as per admissible cost norms for green houses, shade net house, plastic tunnel, anti bird /hail nets & cost of planting material etc.
3 Integrated Post Harvest Management projects The Board will take up Integrated Post Harvest Management projects relating to Pack House, Ripening Chamber , Refer Van , Retail Outlets, Pre- cooling unit, Primary processing etc . NHB will also take up projects in component mode and for standalone projects of PHM components. Credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 35% of the total project cost limited to Rs 50.75 lakh per project in general area and @ 50 % of project cost limited to Rs. 72.50 lakh per project in NE , Hilly and Scheduled areas.


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