Development Scheme for Water Flushed Zones: Uttar Pradesh

The land which is affected by the problem of water logging is of no use. This may be due to water leakage or any other natural calamity. Neither plantation nor farming is possible on these types of farms. For development of these lands into productive one so that fish rearing can be practiced. Government of Uttar Pradesh has come up with a scheme that works for water flooded lands. The key features are enlisted below:

Selection of Beneficiary:

  • All owners of water flushed land will be eligible.
  • Area of selected lands will be Minimum: 0.2 Hectare and Maximum: 5 Hectares.

Final Selection will be done by Deputy Director of Fisheries Department


  • 1.25 lakh rupees will be assigned for development of one-hectare lake.
  • 90% of the amount will be subsidized for SC/ST beneficiaries.
  • 80% of the amount will be subsidized for general beneficiaries.

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