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Faculty Research Promotion Schemes- Central Govt. Initiatives to Boost Scientific Research

We all by nature desire knowledge. Creating knowledge through research and distribution of a better understanding through teaching are the primary purpose of an academic institution or university. So, in a bid to strengthen Basic Scientific Research in the country, the central government through University Grant Commission (UGC) undertaken various initiatives. One such innovative initiative is the Faculty Research Promotion Programme (FRPP), under which support for quality research is provided at three levels in the science field (including medical and engineering) in various UGC recognized Indian Universities.

The schemes:

The aforementioned programme comprises of 3 different schemes-

Nature of Assistance-


Start-up Grant



One-Time Grant


BSR Faculty Fellowship
A grant of ₹ 10 lakh is provided to entry-level or assistant professor/faculty member A grant of ₹ 7 lakh is provided to mid-career level professors/faculty members. Annual Contingency grant of ₹ 3 lakh
This amount can be utilized to buy items like minor equipment, consumables etc. This grant is to be utilized in minor equipment (cost of which should not be more than ₹ 2 lakh), chemicals, glassware and consumables, contingencies, fieldwork and in traveling. A monthly Fellowship of ₹ 46,500/- (exclusive of the pension and/or other retirement benefits)
Maximum ₹ 50,000 annual for contingencies A professor has to use the grant within 2 years of the sanction date. Usual duration is of 3 years
Maximum ₹ 50,000 annual for fieldwork A professor receiving this grant is required to send the Utilization Certificate and Statement of Expenditure through his/her University. Out of the sanctioned Contingency Grant, research scholars working under the Faculty Fellow/Professor can utilize an annual grant of ₹50,000
The grant is released in 2 installments. In the first installment, 80% of the grant is released following the remaining grant in second installment after the receipt of the first installment.  

However, the recipient professor needs to abide by the norms and guidelines of this UGC Fellowship Scheme from time to time and send bi-annual Progress Report, Utilization Certificate and Annual Audited
Statement of Accounts.
A professor has to use the grant within 2 years of the sanction date.  

However, a professor cannot appoint any research fellow, project assistant using this grant. It must be strictly used by the Assistant Professor for his/her productive research. He/she cannot use this grant for foreign travel.  


Eligibility of the recipients: 


How to avail?

  • To apply for Start-up Grant CLICK HERE
  • To apply for One-Time Grant CLICK HERE
  • To apply for BSR Faculty Fellowship CLICK HERE

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