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Schemes For Employment in Bihar

Unemployment is a basic economic problem for any state. To overcome the problems arising due to unemployment, Bihar government has introduced a number of measures and a number of programs with a view to boost the employment prospects of the state.

S.No. Scheme Objective Benefits For more details
       1) Training Wing
1 Apprenticeship Training Scheme
Objective of this scheme is to provide an opportunity to the jobseeker or the semi-skilled graduate from ITI/ PITI to get on-the-job training as an apprentice in an industrial environment having production/ service based activities National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC) are awarded to those who pass the AITT (All India Trade Test).
NAC recognized for employment under Govt./ Semi-Govt. departments/ organizations
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2 Craftsmen Training Scheme The main objective of this scheme is to provide semi-skilled workmen to industries. It also helps the jobseekers in improving their employability in terms of either wage employment or self-employment Improves skills of semi skilled workers
Good work force would be generated
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3 Upgradation of ITI under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Upgradation of ITI.
In IMC 4 members nominated by IP and 5 by State Govt. and Principal of ITI to be ex-officio member Secretary.
Interest free loan of upto Rs.2.5 crore to be given directly to IMC and also to be repaid by it
Upgradation in Vocational training system.

New equipment or machineries would be installed in all ITI institutions of state.

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4 Centre of Excellence


Introduction of new multi-skilling modular courses as per needs of industry and to provide employable skills. Improvements of physical infrastructure facilities like buildings, equipments etc.
Adoption of new training technology with close involvement of industry and other stakeholders in planning and implementation of training programmes
Growth in economy of state.
Increase in productivity of the vocational training centre
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5 Skill development based on Modular Employment Skills


To provide training to school leavers, workers, ITI graduates, etc.
Testing & Certification of skills acquired informally
Capacity building in the area of development of competency standards, curricula, learning material, assessment standards etc.
Increase economic conditions of the state.
Improves skills of semi-skilled workers
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6 Skill development of youth in 34 districts affected by Left Wing Extremism


To create Skill Development infrastructure in these districts closer to the people at least one ITI in each block and one Skill Development Center (SDC ) in a cluster of about 8-10 villages. i) Travelling

  Allowance (TA)    

  @ Rs. 1600 per

   trainee (max.)
ii) Stipend for Long  

   Term Courses:

a) For trainees deputed in Govt. Institutes @ Rs. 3500 per trainee per month (max.)

b) For trainees deputed in Private Institutes @ Rs. 5000 per trainee per month (max.)  

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       2) Employment Wing
1 Planning Services Expansion Career counselling for unemployed people of the state to reduce the problems of unemployment Generates employment Click Here
2 Planning Services for e-Process Installation of multi media projector in Nijojanalyo for better  counselling Generates employment Click Here
3 Planning-cum-professional guidance program Strengthening of career counselling centre
Expansion of Career Information Centre (C.I.C)
Availability of better career counselling centres Click Here
4 Settlement Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Helps disabled people of the state in getting employment Economic conditions of state would improve Click Here
5 For the planning of cross-border labor and manpower bureau Improves connectivity with foreign countries.

Creates job opportunities in foreign countries.
Opens job opportunities globally. Click Here
6 Joint Labor Building Establishment of Joint Labour Buildings in Darbhanga, Gaya and Muzaffarpur Generates employment Click Here
         3) Labour Wing
1 Bihar centenary scope unorganized workers social security scheme and craftsman Provide education for  children of an unorganized worker.
Improvement in providing health and medical facility to a unorganized accidental worker.
Free health facilities to Artisans of the state.
Free Education to all children for a unorganized workers
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2 Domestic migrant workers scheme Grant fund to the victim’s family ( here victim means a person who is no more live due to train accident, road accident, biting of snake, fire, drowning in the water, or terrorists) Middle class worker- Rs. 1500/- per month
Upper class worker- Rs. 500/- per month
Breakfast, lunch, dress and medicine facilities for all workers
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3 Bonded Labour Rehabilitation Scheme Rehabilitation program for bonded labour Provide incentives –
@ 20,000/- Rs.
(10,000/- Rs. from central government and 10,000/- Rs. from state government)
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4 Elimination of Child Labour, the State Action Plan for Liberation and Rehabilitation Eliminating child labour force from the state.

Tracking and rescue of a child who is far away from their home and indulge in some kind of workforce and send back to their homes safely

Rehabilitation of children rescued from labour work. Click Here
5 Bihar Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Scheme Create job opportunities to many workers such as state mechanic, carpenter, blacksmith, painter, mason etc Marriage help – Rs. 2000 per year for three years
Pension – 150/- Rs. per month ( age = 60+ )
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6 Organization of rural training camps To help rural labour by providing or giving education about organizational skills
To create an awareness of the economic realities with particular reference to agrarian societies in India at local, regional and national levels
Set up of free health camps
Provide basic education  
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7 Beedi Workers Housing Scheme Building homes for beedi workers. Central government grant of 45,000/- Rs. for a house.
Low payment @ 1000/- Rs. for getting homes
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8 Child labor rehabilitation system strengthening scheme Elimination of child labour.

Financial assessment to children rescued from child labour for their welfare.
For ration state government grant Rs 1500/- per child
For dress state government grants Rs. 300/- per child
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