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Dairy Entrepreneurship – Odisha Gov Scheme

Since the known history of the state, livestock production has been one of the main income generating business of rural Odisha. Almost 90% of the farming is a mix of crop-livestock. For the landless people linked to farming get a substantial support from livestock business.  Some 80% of all rural households own livestock of one species or other. However, most of the households of rural area own cattle more than any other livestock species.

Dairy as a livelihood provides a secondary source of income to rural families. However, the per capita availability per day of milk is only 112gm which is far behind the national average. Thus it became necessary for Odisha government to provide assistance to rural areas in order to boost the milk production. Promotion of Dairy Entrepreneurship was launched in 2013 to provide much needed assistance.


  • Setting up modern dairy farms.
  • Upgrading technology to manage milk on commercial scale.
  • Providing infrastructure facilities focusing on unorganized sector.
  • Generating self-employment.

Financial Assistance as Credit

Unit Unit Cost (INR) General SC/ST
Establishment of a small dairy unit consisting of crossbred cows, buffaloes – minimum 2 animals to up to 10 1 to 5 Lakh 25% ceiling or subject or up to INR 1.25 Lakh 33.33% ceiling or up to INR 1.67 lakh


Project Finance

  • Minimum 10% of the outlay will be beard by the entrepreneur.
  • Bank ended capital subsidy or 25% or 33% depends upon the bank.
  • Bank loan should consist of minimum 50% of the project cost.

All commercial banks along with small financial institutions are eligible to disperse the loan to dairy entrepreneurs.


  • Farmers, individual entrepreneurs, self-help groups, groups of organized and unorganized sectors.
  • Applicants can avail the financial benefits only once under this scheme.
  • More than one member of a same family can avail this scheme provided that they both establish their own units at the distance of not less than 500 m.

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