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Funding Scheme for Construction of Women’s Hostel

With the change in the socio-economic  of the country more women are migrating from their homes in search of employment in big cities as well as urban and rural industrial clusters. The difficulties faced by such women is lack of safe and conveniently located accommodation. Seeing this the government of India has Issued this scheme to make ease for women living in Metropolitan Cities, Urban Areas etc.


  • Promote availability of safe and conveniently located accommodation for working women.
  • Project Assistance in Construction of Hostels.


  • Organization that can Apply for Assistance for Scheme-
  • State Government agencies including Women Development Corporations, Women Finance Corporations etc.
  • Urban Municipal Bodies including Cantonment Boards
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • SHGs (Self Help Groups)
  • Recognized Colleges/ Universities
  • Civil Society Organisations  in the fields of women’s welfare/ social welfare/ women’s educations
  • Women eligible for Benefit in the scheme-
  • Working Women income does not exceed Rs. 50,000 per month in metropolitan cities
  • Working Women income Rs 35,000 per month in any other place


  • Financial Assistance to Eligible Organisation-
  • 75% of the cost of construction of the building of working women hostel only on public land.
  • Financial assistance for hostels to be run in rented premises.
  • Beneficiaries for Women-
  • Working women who are single, widowed, divorced, separated, married but whose husband or immediate family does not reside in the same city/area.
  • Women under training for job.
  • Girls up to the age of 18 years and boys up to the age of 5 years can stay with mother.

How to Apply:

For Women’s Hostel:

  • Application in the prescribed form complete in all respect.
  • Approved by the District Women’s Welfare Committee, submitted to the-

Ministry of Women and Child Development

Government of India

Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi.

For Organization:

  • Prospectus of the agency/ association/ voluntary organization/ institution description of its objects and activities
  • Constitution of the agency/ association/ organization/ Institution.
  • Copy of the Annual Reports for the last three years
  • Audited accounts including auditors report, receipt & payment statement, income & expenditure statement and balance sheet.
  • A copy of site-plan and building plan of the proposed working women’s hostel building.
  • Detailed item-wise estimate of the cost of construction of hostel building certified by PWD/ any other competent authority/ certified by a registered architect and the sources from which the remaining funds will be obtained.

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