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Get financial services of Rs.25 Lakhs in shaping National Minorities Development

The Scheme shall be called the ‘Scheme for Grants-in-aid to State Channelising Agencies (SCAs) of National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation(NMDFC)’.Under the Scheme of Grants-in Aid, assistance will be provided to the SCAs directly by National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMDFC).


Strengthen the infrastructure of SCAs in order to improve their operations including recovery of loans.


  • All SCAs performing well for NMDFC’s scheme will be eligible.
  • The SCA which is dormant/non-functional or does not draw funds from NMDFC for implementing its lending schemes.
  • More than one SCA is in existence in any State/UT, all eligible SCAs can be funded under the grants-in-aid scheme on a pro-rata basis based on the number of minority beneficiaries serviced by each SCA.
  • The grants-in-aid will be provided on a first come first serve basis.


  • 100% central assistance to the SCA.
  • Assistance in the promotion of the campaign in minority areas.
  • Financial Assistance of Rs.25 Lakhs to be given.

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