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Go Paperless While Driving

Now you would be able to drive without any worries if you have forgot your necessary documents in hurry. Under the Digital India Programme of Government, The traffic police may go paperless. In Delhi & Telangana, which have better internet connectivity traffic police have started making e-challans.

This time the relief is for the common man driving on the roads. It is a usual problem faced that people forget to carry hard copy of necessary documents along with them and even after having followed all the rules they are supposed to pay fine. And according to the new traffic violating rules these fines are increased heavily. For the ease, relaxation of providing soft copy of Driving License, Registration Certificate, Insurance, Pollution Certificate and many more would be accepted.

All the documents can be uploaded to the Digilocker and then produced whenever needed through internet connectivity. Currently Digilocker is providing 1 GB cloud storage for users. It will help spot verification of Driving Licenses(DLs) and Registration Certificates(RCs) directly in the users’ mobile phone from the national registry of vehicle and drivers’ data

The project is a prototype currently. Government has taken similar steps by providing CBSE Board Result and NEET Result on the Digilocker.

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