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Hotels and Tourism Related Activities: Rajasthan Government


  • Construction of new hotel/motel/ midway/restaurant.
  • Expansion/renovation of existing projects.
  • Converting old forts & palaces into heritage hotels.
  • Installation of Plant & equipment, electrification, air conditioning, furniture & fixtures, health club, swimming pool, indoor sport facilities, shopping arcade, garden equipment and other essential amenities.


Any person/organisation/company will be eligible having:

  • Clear, valid and mortgage-able land title.
  • Building plan approval and NOC from local authority.
  • Assistance under the scheme may be availed for purchase of land, construction of building, purchase of plant & machinery, furniture/ fixtures, etc.


  • 4.00 crores. Loans of higher amount considered on selective basis on merits.
  • Security Margin: 25 %
  • Promoter’s Contribution: 30 %
  • Interest Rate according to prevailing policy
  • Repayment in 8 years in quarterly instalments including moratorium period of 1-2 years.
  • Rebate of 2 %.

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