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Kerala Announces Labour Policy, Minimum Wage to be Rs.600 per day

A happiness indeed for labour of kerala as minimum wages will be Rs.600 per day. Thats called pursuit of happiness which is given by LDF government. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said in a statement on Thursday that the policy seeks to ensure the welfare and social security of workers along with the comprehensive development of Kerala’s economy and society.

Kerala is the state with the highest wage rates in India, owing primarily to workers in most sectors being organised into trade unions. Unlike most other states where minimum wage laws remain merely on paper, most workers in Kerala earn more than the minimum wage.

The State’s new labour policy seeks to raise minimum wages to Rs. 600 per day. Apart from ensuring minimum wages in all branches of work which fall under the Minimum Wages Act, at least a basic wage will be ensured in the branches of work which don’t fall under the Act. ‘Fair wages’ will be implemented in sectors where there are possibilities of ensuring higher remuneration. A revenue recovery system would be implemented in order to recover wage arrears, if any, from the employers.

Appropriate legislation will be brought in to regulate the work and pay conditions of teaching and non-teaching staff in un-aided educational institutions which currently do not benefit from the protection of labour laws.

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