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Nagaland Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC)

The Nagaland Industrial Development Corporation Limited (NIDC) is a Government of Nagaland undertaking with a mandate to assist, develop and promote industrial growth in the State. Besides funding long-term needs of industrial ventures by way of loans and capital infusion, NIDC is instrumental in development of infrastructure, providing technical and commercial know-how to entrepreneurs.


  1. To promote, develop, establish and assist industries in the State and create gainful employment opportunities for local population.
  2. Develop entrepreneurial and other technical skills of the available human resources by setting up training centers.
  3. Provide basic industrial infrastructure such as power, water, communications, etc.
  4. Promote export-oriented industries with a view to exploit the emerging market opportunities in the neighboring countries.
  5. Encourage large and medium scale mother industries to create an industrial base making use of the available resource base of the state compatible with the local environment and ecology.
  6. Develop and promote Tourism Industry in the State.
  7. Develop food-processing industry by facilitating forward and backward linkages.
  8. Expedite formalization and development of cross border trade with Myanmar.


  1. MSME Units
  2. Tiny and Large Sector units
  3. Small Scale Service & Business Enterprises (SSSBEs)
  4. Sick Units/Relief Undertaking Units subject to a maximum period of 3 years.
  5. Export Oriented Units
  6. Units undergoing Expansion/Diversification/Modernization


  1. Subsidy on power tariff at the rates of 30% and 25% for loads upto 2 MW and above 2 MW respectively for a period of 5 years from the date of commercial production subject to a maximum ceiling limit of Rs.2 lakh annually.
  2. Cost of drawal of 33/11 KV line to eligible industrial unit shall be reimbursed subject to a ceiling of Rs.2.00 lakh.
  3. Subsidy will be available for new units with investment in plant & machinery above Rs.25 lakh at the rate of 50% of the cost of Detailed Reports subject to a ceiling of Rs.1.00 lakh.
  4. Reimbursement upto 25% of the actual wage bill for local tribal employees employed by eligible units upto three years from the date of entertainment subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.1.00 lakh annually.
  5. An additional 5% capital investment subsidy subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.3.00 lakh.
  6. Cost of laboratory equipment for the purpose of quality control and quality certification will be reimbursed subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.50,000/- in cases where it does not form part of the project cost for SSI and Rs.1.00 lakh in case of Large & Medium unit.
  7. 50% Stamp Duty and Registration Fee for securing loans from Financial Institutions including Mortgage of fixed assets shall be exempted from the Stamp Duty Act for a period of 5 (five) years.
  8. Price preference of 15% and exemption of Earnest Money for purchases shall be admissible to all eligible units under Govt. Store Purchase Program.
  9. Stipend at the rate of Rs.500/- per month per trainee shall be provided for training of 100 youth annually for special EDP to be conducted by Govt. approved/recognized Institutions.

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