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About The Indian Iris

Just like an iris controls the light levels inside the eye making it possible for us to see the outside world, The Indian Iris aims at shedding light on the ongoing political affairs, policies and schemes of the Government of India (GOI) and those of the State Governments.


  1. Just make the only one Facebook/ Twitter page/ electronic media channel. And it must be varified by government. Zee news/ IndiaTV are much better than other circus.

    • Narayan Singh Rao

      Dear Ricky,

      Thank you for your valuable suggestions. Keep posted for more news and interesting stories that shall matter to you.

      The Indian Iris

  2. Be fair,be there report facts don’t sensationalise

    • Narayan Singh Rao

      Agree with your suggestions. We need to take out sensationalisation out of the news reporting!

    • Narayan Singh Rao

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment and advice. We are committed to bring and fair, and reliable news without sensationalizing it.

      Team The Indian Iris

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