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Panchvati Yojana: Gujarat Government

This scheme of Gujarat Government is aimed for the welfare of the people living in the state. Development of Parks, Gardens in the village with necessary facilities of amusement and joy. People may spend their leisure time in these parks late in evening or early morning for exercise, meditation etc. Women can spend quality time peacefully with their children in these parks. Some Senior Citizens can sit and discuss over matters.

Pre Conditions for implementation of Scheme:

  1. Arrangements should be made for surrounding fencing. Entrance should be decorated.
  2. Tourist place near big village or municipal areas of the villages having population exceeding 5000 will be given priority. If there is a step-well or pond near the village site, it should be developed taking in view eco-tourism
  3. The work shall be completed with active cooperation of forests and environment department.
  4. Facility of ‘walking track’ shall be made to walk on.
  5. There should be an arrangement for lighting. Arrangement for solar lighting is desirable.
  6. The scheme shall be developed in view of eco-tourism scheme.
  7. If there is village pond near by then boating and necessary facilities may be developed for it.
  8. Gram Panchayats may raise sources for the maintenance of Panchavati yojana subject to the provision of Gujarat panchayats Act, 1993
  9. It is necessary to have benches to sit
  10. It is necessary to have facilities of electricity to make such places more attractive.
  11. A fountain may be kept, if there is facility of water


  • Under this yojana, Plantation of Peepal, Banyan, Harde, Ashok and various other fruit-bearing trees will be done, so that faith towards the traditional cultural heritage is maintained.
  • Panchavati Yojana may be implemented in village forest or on levelled land of 1000 Sq. Mt. Or more area. Contribution of Rs. 50,000 from gram panchayat and assistance of Rs 1 Lakh by state government.

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