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Plans to Develop 700 Uninhabited Islands: Sagarmala project


  • Many of the over 700 uninhabited islands across India will be developed for tourism, filmmaking, entertainment activities, as honeymoon destinations, maritime security and also for generating non-conventional energy – both wind and solar.
  • This scheme will be part of the ambitious Sagarmala project.
  • The Cabinet approved the concept note and institutional framework to implement this massive project .
  • The Sagarmala concept was first mooted by Atal Bihari Vajpayee during his last tenure.
  • There are a total of 1,208 islands including the uninhabited ones and there are 185 lighthouses.
  • These will be developed as hub of tourist activity. A feasibility study will be carried out.
  • A national perspective plan (NPP) for the entire coastline will be prepared within six months to identify potential CEZs. Fund required in 2015-16 for implementation of projects in the initial phase of Sagarmala is pegged at Rs 692 crore.


  • Generates Revenue.
  • The need to protect these islands from any unauthorized occupation and for security reasons.
  • 12 smart cities and several coastal economic zones (CEZs) will come up under the ambitious Sagarmala project. The smart cities will have affordable housing, wind and solar power and green industry.

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