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A National Body to Combat Human Trafficking


  • Government is all set to set up a national body to combat human trafficking that will be controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • The government realized the need for this as  there is little effort by the cops to nab members of gangs active on the borders with Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • It is also proposed that the additional secretary (Centre State) will head the body that will have separate wing for investigations and intelligence.
  • Till 2014, Home Ministry spearheaded 4,200 rescue operations, rescuing 13,742 victims and arresting 7,087 traffickers.


  • The proposed body will work in close coordination with state police and CBI.
  • The new body will not only take up the investigations of high-profile cases, but will also work out a mechanism to enhance the relief and rehabilitation efforts of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  • The anti-human trafficking body at the Centre will also coordinate with various agencies including the border forces, National Commission for Women, National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights and NHRC and the state law enforcing agencies to deal with the menace.

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