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Promoting Indian Tradition: Tourism


  • Some parts of India, particularly the smaller towns and villages, still have traditional styles of dressing.
  • To find out about local customs and traditions,  or concerned authorities before visiting such places and many such advisories  Union tourism ministry’s will distribute little booklet to foreign tourists visiting India from next month.
  • These are just little dos and don’ts that will be handed over to all foreign visitors at the airport itself, just to make them enjoy their trip better.
  • This was a reaction to negative travel advisories that were issued by various countries after the Nirbhaya incident .


  • This booklet and helpline number (1363) is geared towards women tourists especially, it is in two languages now, and is proposed to have it in 12 languages at least.
  • The tips not only include what to wear, but to keep early hours. How to make sure cab trips are safe, including taking a picture of the license plate from your phone.
  • How and where to bargain, and how much to tip (the fact that service charge is part of the bill in Indian restaurants is mentioned prominently in the booklet) is also listed. Police control room numbers are also mentioned.

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