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Varanasi’s Assi Ghat Cleaned


  • Cleaning up and beautifying India’s spiritual capital was one of Modi’s biggest electoral promises to the people of Varanasi. A year later, it doesn’t appear to be an empty one.
  • There may be some delay in work but transformation of Varanasi looks inevitable,’ says Praveen Kumar, an employee of Banaras Mercantile Bank.

Inspiring work by two young girls

  • Nagaland native Temsutula and Darshika, a local, both in their 20’s – during a boat ride on February 12 saw the filth on Prabhu ghat and decided to take up the task of cleaning it.
  • ‘We made our effort to clean Prabhu Ghat with more than 20 team members. The ghat has now been cleaned in nearly a months time. We need to have bio-toilets or floating toilets so that poor people living on or near these ghats may not use it for open defecation or urination,’ the young women told PTI.
  • Expressing happiness at PM’s praise, the girls said, ‘The PM’s praise to ordinary people like us will encourage many youths to take up such tasks for nation building,’
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