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Rent Rooftops to Solar Companies and get Solar Power at Lower Rates

Solar power companies in the country have come up with a new idea to revolutionize India’s quest for clean energy. The solar power companies are targeting big industries, commercial buildings, malls and large gated communities. These solar companies would set up solar rooftops for free and will sell you power at much cheaper rates.

  • According to many such solar companies,, around 240 sq. mt of rooftop space is quite good to set up a rooftop solar power plant which can sell power to the building and can earn good profits simultaneously.
  • Near about 8 sq. mt of rooftop is needed to set up solar panels to generate 1 KW of electricity with a minimum capacity of 30KW. The power which is generated thus can help building owners curb power costs and at the same time make them use their otherwise unused rooftops.
  • However, there so far are no lease agreements between solar companies and rooftop owner. Neither there are ways to make these agreements happen. As identified, this is one of the factors holding back the success of large-scale rooftop solar power installations.
  • However, cost of power generation also varies according to the place due to the intensity of sun’s rays. In Delhi, solar power can be made available from rooftop installations at a price of about Rs. 6.25 to Rs. 7 per unit. This is cheaper for the companies that consume large volumes of power.
  • It also helps curb frequent load-shedding.

(Source: ET)

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