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Scheme for Establishment of High Tech and Mini Dairy Units in Haryana

Animal Husbandry is an integral part of Agriculture and is a major sector of employment. State government aims to generate Self Employment from Animal Husbandry & Dairy Sector. Establishment of dairy units can generate substantial amount of employment. For setting up such units Loan is Provided by the banks and Subsidy by Government. 5-10 Milk Yielding animals can generate employment for a family. State has a well-knit infrastructure of veterinary institution to cater the needs of Livestock and also self-sufficient in fodder production.

In order to help the beneficiaries, 25% subsidy will be provided for purchase of animals for establishment of dairy units of the 3, 5 and 10 milch animals. To encourage the farmers to setup mini dairy units of 3 and 5 indigenous cattle 50% subsidy of the unit’s cost will be provided to the beneficiaries for purchase of cows of Hariana and Sahiwal breeds.

The marketing facility of milk is being provided by HDDCF. The Department holds 11-day dairy trainings at every Sub Division in the State for the persons interested in setting up of dairy units. Two batches comprising of 40 trainees each will be organised at the level of each Sub Division in the State


  • Creation of employment opportunities through Animal Husbandry activities.
  • Increase in milk production and productivity.
  • Upgradation and development of valuable breeds/germplasm available in the State
  • To provide self-employment to unemployed.
  • Supplement the income of the families of the entrepreneurs.
  • Raise the socio economic status of the weaker sections of the society.
  • Enhancing per capita/day availability of milk in the State.


  • Age should be between 18-55 Years.
  • Applicant should be literate and not formally educated.
  • Applicant shall possess the basic knowledge of Animal Rearing and Running a Dairy Business.
  • Order of Priority if no. of applicants is more:
    • Below Poverty Lines families.
    • Widows
    • Families having no member in Govt./Semi Govt. Job/ Private Sector
    • Landless families
    • Land holding less than 2.5 acres
    • Already rearing livestock but the unit as per scheme is not complete
    • Families having no livestock but having aptitude and housing facilities to rear livestock
    • Any other parameter that the committee decides as appropriate

Selection of Beneficiary:

  • Primary Selection will be done by the veterinary surgeon of the respective area.
  • Necessary Training will be imparted for running the dairy unit.
  • Final approval of the application will be done by the Deputy Director (SDO, Animal Husbandry & Dairying)


  • Imparting 11-day dairy trainings at the concerned Sub Division / Government Veterinary Hospital in the State for the persons interested in setting up of dairy units.
  • Sponsoring of loan applications to banks.
  • Providing veterinary and breeding facilities.
  • Linkage with cooperatives for marketing of milk through HDDCF etc.

Payment of Subsidy:

  • Financing Banks will release loan amount to the beneficiaries by transferring the amount to his saving bank account.
  • Subsidy @ 25% (50% in case of indigenous cattle dairy units) will be provided after establishment of unit to the beneficiaries’ bank account.

Type of Milch Animal

Milk Yield

Maximum Permissible Cost per animal for Grant of Subsidy.

Cross Breed Cow (H.F.)

Up to 15 Litre Rs. 55,000
15-20 Litre

Rs. 65,000

Above 20 Litre

Rs. 75,000


8-10 Litre Rs. 55,000

10-12 Litre

Rs. 65,000

Above 12 Litre

Rs. 75,000

Indigenous Cow (Sahiwal)

8-10 Litre

Rs. 55,000

10-12 Litre

Rs. 65,000

Above 12 Litre

Rs. 75,000

Indigenous Cow (Hariana)

8-10 Litre Rs. 30,000

10-12 Litre

Rs. 40,000

Above 12 Litre

Rs. 50,000


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