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Schemes for Welfare of Disabled: Social Welfare Department of Uttarakhand

Social Welfare Department of Uttarakhand has launched various schemes for welfare of the Disabled People of the state. To make disabled people employed and lead a happy life, a lot financial grants are provided. The schemes and their key features are enlisted below:

  1. Grant for Artificial Limbs and Hearing Aid Instruments:
  • Applicant should be recommended by a recognised doctor for Hearing Aid and Artificial Limbs.
  • If the applicant is minor, then the Monthly Family Income should be less than Rs. 1000.
  • Maximum Grant will be of Rs. 3500.
  1. Scholarship Scheme for Disabled Students:
  • Applicant should have certificate of 40% Disability.
  • Applicant should be regular student of an Educational Institution
  • Family income of the applicant should be less than 24000 Rs.
  • Applicant Should apply before 31st July to the Social Welfare Officer.
  • Assistance Provided for School Students would be:


Assistance Per Month Income Limit of Family

Duration of Assistance


Rs. 50 Rs. 2000

12 Months


Rs. 80 Rs. 2000 12 Months
9-10 Rs. 170 Rs. 2000

12 Months

  • Assistance to the College Students:


Assistance to Hostelers Per Month Assistance to Day Scholars Per Month Family Income Limit

Duration of Assistance


Rs. 140 Rs. 85 Less than 24000 Rs. Per Year. From Start of Curriculum to the last month of Exams
Graduate Rs. 180

Rs. 125

PG or Other Business Courses

Rs. 240


  1. Disabled Maintenance Grant:
  • Applicant should not have any source of income.
  • Applicant should possess certificate of 40% Disability.
  • Applicant should belong to BPL family with Monthly Income Below Rs. 1000.
  • Grant of Rs. 600 Per Month to Disabled People.
  • Grant of Rs. 1000 Per Month to Patient free of Leprosy.
  • 700 to persons with more than 80% Disability.
  1. State Award for Efficient Disabled & their Employers:
  • Cash award of Rs. 5000 for encouraging employment of Disabled Persons.
  1. Disabled Marriage Incentive Scheme:
  • Grant of Rs. 14,000 for Marriage of normal woman with disabled man.
  • Grant of Rs. 11,000 for Marriage of normal man with disabled woman.
  • Grant of Rs. 14,000, If both man and woman are Disabled
  • Age of Man should be between 21-45 Years and that of Woman between 18-45 Years.

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