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The Sports Ministry launched online portal for all sports procedures

The Sports Ministry recently launched an online portal for all sports procedures, so deserving athletes and ex-athletes won’t have to chase around national federations and government agencies to obtain their rewards and dues anymore.

Anurag Thakur, the minister of sports, unveiled three significant projects for his organisation on Friday: a website for the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) and a new monetary reward, national welfare, and pension programme for athletes.

Active athletes can now apply online on the department of sports’ website for government recognition and awards, while businesses, PSUs, and people can contribute to the NSDF fund on the site’s newly launched website. If an athlete wanted to request rewards and recognition from the government following a strong performance, they had to first go through the federation or SAI, which involved additional scrutiny and a delay of almost a year or more before the athletes received their dues. Now, the government has a simpler, more open system. Technology will also make it easier for athletes to apply online and get their fees quickly, increasing openness and accountability in the system.

NSDF is a significant programme for raising money for TOPS, providing other advantages to athletes, and building infrastructure. PSUs and businesses have occasionally assisted us in the creation of this fund.

Pick a participant, a match, a hostel, a field… You may pick and embrace any player, any sport, any hostel, or any sports infrastructure; we’re ready to work with you on this on a transparent, technology-driven basis.

“The pension programme for deserving athletes used to be cumbersome, and many people were denied the benefit. Therefore, we have provided athletes with a user-friendly, transparent system. It is user-friendly and technology-driven, and because of this, we can also realise the ideas of minimal government and maximal government. This system will be continually improved in an effort to make life easier and to provide benefits. The application process is simple, quick, and uses DBT to transfer funds directly to bank accounts.” Said, Anurag Thakur, Sports Minister.

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