Train Branding- Indian Railways


  • Indian Railways is finalising a branding policy for trains, coaches, stations and even consumables such as bedding, an initiative that’s expected to raise as much as Rs 9,000 crore for the cash-strapped organisation.
  • A task force headed by Ajay Shukla will submit a detailed report on the issue by April 30 to finalise a comprehensive commercial publicity policy and its operational framework.


  • The minister is open to the idea of auctioning names of stations and even trains to corporates So you could also have an “INDIAN IRIS Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani”.


  • The RITES study in consultation with the advertising industry said the railways could earn as much as Rs 780 crore a year by selling advertising space on 26 Rajdhanis 20 Shatabdis and 32 Duronto trains alone.
  • A similar assessment has been given for 500 other superfast mail and express trains, 2,000 passenger trains, 100 local trains and 1 lakh wagons. The earning potential of different categories of rolling stock will vary.
  • Premium trains such as the Rajdhanis and Shatabdis will attract a certain category of advertisers.

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