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US to Support India’s Aspiration to become Leading Power: India US ties


  • With two back-to-back historic visits by the Indian and American leadership in less than six months, the US is on “pathway” to become India’s “best partner” as the two countries have agreed on a robust agenda to strengthen their strategic ties.
  • America welcomes India’s constructive leadership on global challenges and supports its aspiration to become a leading power.
  • US to support greater Indian participation in multilateral institutions, including its candidacy for permanent membership on a reformed UN Security Council and its eventual membership in all four multilateral export control regimes. We support its robust engagement with ASEAN and leadership role in the Indian Ocean Rim Association.
  • India and US might also work towards civil nuclear cooperation today because India implemented IAEA safeguards for their civil nuclear programme, including the Additional Protocol.
  • India also demonstrated its leadership by upholding and supporting the July 2014 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea delimitation of the maritime boundary in the Bay of Bengal. These are the actions of a constructive and responsible global actor that respects a rules-based system.
  • Strategic plus, is about an enhanced partnership, a new way of operating and thinking, a commitment to see the larger objectives for global peace and prosperity, even as they may periodically get bogged down in day to day disputes.
  • Strategic Plus Partnership,  has six elements — regional cooperation, including the importance of coordinating closely on Afghanistan, space cooperation, defense relationship, economics and trade; climate and clean energy; and people to people ties.

Outcome Of Visits

  • Outcome of Obama’s visit was setting up of the hotline between the two leaders and the national security advisor, introducing the commercial component into the Strategic Dialogue, and the joint strategic vision for South Asia.
  • These are very significant document and architecture of cooperation in the Pacific and beyond South Asia on resolving disputes peacefully, on maritime cooperation, on regional economic integration, on combatting weapons of mass destruction.
  • US announced six projects for co-development and co-production. So much of work occurred from September to January and that’s why Obama’s visit was so important.
  • Change in attitude between New Delhi and (Washington) DC is an important benefit of this relationship.

Outcome of Strategic Plus Partrnership

  • “Strategic plus” partnership is bigger, more ambitious and it reflects the true convergence of interests between the two nations not only for today, but for the years and decades ahead.

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