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Veterinary varsity promoting silage


  • The State government has embarked upon a programme to popularise silage making.
  • Silage, a green fodder compacted in air tight conditions to be used as substitute for green fodder during the lean period for livestock, is all set to make inroad among the livestock growers of the region.

  • A large number of farmers looked curiously when the scientists of Tamil Nadu Veterinary University Training and Research Centre at Karur demonstrated the silage making by using repol polypropylene (silage bags) on Thursday.

  • As per the latest method, cut green grass mass is stored in large sacks made from polythene.

  • Once the bag is filled, the material is pressed to remove the air and thereby preventing decomposition. It is then fermented by adding diluted molasses and preserved for 60 days at appropriate moisture levels.

  • “Silage is a potential fodder for livestock living in the rain shadow districts such as Karur. It can be an alternative for the animals in the dry period too. All out efforts will be made to popularise the silage making in the district,” said S. Jayandhi, Collector, after witnessing the demonstration.

  • M. Ramanathan, Joint Director, Animal Husbandry, said the government would distribute silage bags and inputs estimated at Rs. 2,030 a farmer.
  • N. Kulandaisamy, Assistant Director, Animal Husbandry, said since it had potential to increase the milk yield, the department would take steps to demonstrate at farmers’ forums.

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