Smriti Irani ups the ante, private schools may have to declare assets, fee structure soon


  • The Smriti Irani-led human resource development ministry is working on a new law that will require schools to give a number of disclosures.
  • The key proposals of the Bill are: (a) asking all schools to declare fee components on their websites, (b) notify their admission process clearly and well in advance, (c) disclose assets, (d) give full information on teachers’ educational backgrounds, and (e) disallow schools from charging full year’s fees from students who change schools before the academic year ends.
  • The aim is to introduce ‘more transparency’ in how schools run their business.
  • The Bill also seeks to make it mandatory for schools to issue receipts for all payments made by parents/guardians, making illegal the practice of linking admissions to donations.

Source: ET

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