Youth with High Education Degrees, steps forward to become ‘Spies’ in Intelligence Bureau


  • Sources from government had informed that highly educated youth from age 18-27 are actively taking interest in joining Intelligence Bureau for national security.
  • IB is the most essential arm in India for gathering information and intelligence assessment for the government. But from the past few years the quality has been degraded as told by an officer, loop holes encouraging many small terrorist groups to form and harm the nation.
  • An Officer said that it is hard to gather information from the ‘hardzones’. He further added, ‘Being a field intelligence officer, ACIO, requires a lot of motivation and skills. At times when militants are upgrading and new threats are emanating from the cyber world, the IB using age-old methods and people was not working.’
  • An officer also said the alerts sent to the states were recycled and sufficient verification wasn’t done or there was no coordination at the local SIB (Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau) level.
  • A shortfall of over 30% of IB personnel still persists but now youngsters are showing interest in joining IB.
  • Modi’s government has put more focus on better IB officers and to gain the faith back.

Source: IndianExpress

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