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Assistance to Voluntary Organizations in the field of Child and Women Development

Voluntary organization plays a very important role to help women and child, and provide them social security. To help these organizations, Government of India is providing grant-in-aid scheme to such voluntary organizations.



  • Voluntary organizations /institutions, universities, research institutes, including those set up and funded by Central Government/State Govt/Public Sector Undertaking/Local Authority/Cooperative Institutions.
  • Organization should have experience of working in that programme or related area.
  • Organization should have been in existence for at least two years.
  • Stable organization with facilities, resources and personnel.
  • It should not be run for profit to any individual or body of individuals.
  • Properly constituted Managing Body with its powers/duties and responsibilities.
  • Services should be open to all without distinction of caste, religion or language.


  • Grant in assistance is provided in following sectors.
  • Infrastructures- Include construction of building or extension of existing building or rent of the building in which service is provided.
  • Cost of equipment and furniture.
  • Charges due to the delivery of the service (education, training, food, etc.)
  • Other charges for proper running of programmes.

How to apply:

  • Voluntary Organizations of state can apply to their respective states.
  • Well-known Organizations and reputed State level organizations, already known to the Department of Women and Child Development, can be entertained directly.
  • The Applicant should have-
  • Constitution of the Association, its articles memorandum, and aims and objectives.
  • Last Annual Report.
  • Information relating to the grant received or likely to be received from Central Government State Government.
  • A statement of full receipt and expenditure of the organisation/institution for the last two years

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