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Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development (MLALAD) Scheme

The government had introduced MLAs Local Are Development Scheme from 2000-01 making MLAs able to recommend small development works of capital nature. Under the scheme, each MLA has the choice to suggest to the Deputy Commissioner of his/her district, to the extent of allocations given from year to year, to be taken up his/her constituency. Each MLA is sanctioned MLALAD fund of Rs.2 crore per annum for their respective constituency by the central government.

Important Features:

  1. The type of work under this scheme should be developmental in nature based on locally felt
  2. The work should be such that it can be completed within one financial year and lead to the creation of durable assets.
  3. Minimum of 10% fund allocated should be utilized for capacity building and training of unemployed youth in the state.
  4. The work to be taken under MLALADS should not be under Rs. 1 lakh in each case.

Works that may be taken up under MLALADS:

  1. Construction for buildings for schools, hostels, libraries and other buildings of education instititions belonging to government.
  2. Construction of village roads, bridges, public irregation channels and public drainage schemes.
  3. Providing drink water to the people in the area by digging tube-wells or other works that may help in this respect.
  4. Construction of public health care buildings, public toilets and bathrooms, footpaths, pathways and foot bridges.
  5. Construction of common gobar plants, non-conventional energy systems/devices for community use.
  6. Bus Sheds/Stops for public transport passengers.
  7. Social forestry, farm forestry, horticulture, parks and gardens in government and community land.

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  1. Members of parliament local area development scheme

  2. Hi there, I have been working in my village from more than three years. I’m working as sport mentor, a coach, to get the things sports men need here is very difficult to fulfil .
    We infrastructure as a building for sports gym , neat ground for Kabaddi, football , basket ball, vollyball, and there various games which play there is no proper grounds and coaches for all the games .
    Definitely we need to make grounds for girls as parents in the village doesn’t allow girls to go to boys ground.
    We do not have have dustbin here so allover the one can see it is very dirty.
    Please let know how can we get benefit of this wonderful dream project.
    Thank you
    Inder Bajwa

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