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Centre eases wheat procurement rules for Haryana: Pro-Farmer Move


  • The Centre has relaxed guidelines for wheat procurement from Haryana on a request from the state government, after unseasonal rains and hailstorms in March damaged crop and hurt grain quality.
  • Under the eased guidelines, the limit of shrivelled and broken grains in wheat for procurement has been increased to 9% from the earlier 6%. But for every two-percentage-point drop in quality, Rs 14.50 per quintal will be reduced.
  • If the lustre loss is 10-20%, then government will deduct Rs 3.63 per quintal and if it is 50%, then the deduction will be Rs 14.52 per quintal.


  • The relaxation, with immediate effect, is aimed at reducing the hardship of farmers and avoiding distress sale of wheat, the food ministry said in a news release.

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